I feel this session raised questions abut the methods of teaching we should be using. This links with my teaching methods in my Proposal questions.

I felt the session made the requirement of the e-journal clearer and directed the content required within it.

I liked the idea of the iceberg as it showed the headings on one side and the under water section with all the related work. I even drew the iceberg during the session!

I felt the theme (Courtroom drama) of this session particularly engaged students and several of them were acting as sleuths trying to work out the autonomy/dependence idea of teaching.

I also felt this idea was good as it described the methodology that the proposal should take; what are the questions, identify different forms of evidence, what does the evidence mean and form an evaluation.

The courtroom drama presented very clear progression of learning and teaching and the reason there is no clear cut autonomy:dependence method that suits all learners. I was surprised that tertiary learning is where students feel they have a role in directing and informing their learning. This agrees with my experience too and may also explain my frustrations when teaching at secondary level (Therapy session ended!!).

I am worried about completing by the 17th of October.

2 thoughts on “POST 4: POST ONLINE SESSION 2

  1. jmorganltpa says:

    Good to see you have achieved some clarity and have a clearer idea of the way forward. Maybe now focus in detail on the key questions and relate these specifically to your own context/proposal.


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