Questions which could be asked to dance teachers to support the need for the questions in my proposal and to direct background research.

Question 1:

What aspects of training do you think most benefit dancers?

Question 2:

What types of cardio and stretching do you include in a warm up?

Question 3:

In what ways do you think cardio and stretching would benefit dancers?

Question 4:

From the following list A-D, select which attributes you would like to improve in your dancers and explain why. NB: The reason could relate to context, training or ability.

A        Jump height

B        Range of motion

C        Balance

D        Stamina

Question 5:

Which teaching style do you use when delivering the warm up?

Question 6:

In what way does this benefit the dancers?

Question 7:

Explain whether dance students would benefit from measuring key aspects of their movement.

Question 8:

In what ways do you adapt your warm up or dance lesson to benefit males?

Question 9:

In what ways could the current dance curriculum be adapted to support the inclusion of males?

Question 10:

In what way does dance support lifelong learning?

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