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Attainment for boys

boys in school

Garner, R (2014). Make school day longer to improve results for white working class boys, say MPs. Independent.

This report shows that working class white boys are underperforming in UK schools compared to girls and other ethnic backgrounds. The review suggests increasing duration of the school day may overcome the drop out in this group.

This short Journal provides clear evidence for a need to research new methods to engage boys in teaching and learning and this is one of my sub aims. I will focus on the aspect dance- fitness and active learning/experimentation that suits boys and consider the effect of different learning styles to engage male students in secondary education.

 The following link  Teaching-Boys

Fuller A (2015) Teaching Boys. 1-2. Extracted from the Brain Based Learning Manual, available at

This is an accurate representation teaching and learning in relation to achievement of boys. I also find when teaching boys that they are loyal, kinaesthetic learners, perform best with research and need clear boundaries and instructions. The author provides key teaching strategies required. I will consider these when devising methodology to enhance the teaching and learning of boys in my classes and for this research proposal.


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