This post follows a meeting with my tutor (Jill).

We discussed if I had any particular problems:

  1. I have small issues with ICT which I will solve or will contact Marius.
  2. I asked whether I could complete the Tertiary level units for part 2 of the course to enable some progression in my career.
  3. I asked what the protocol would be if I had to miss a Thursday night. Jill explained this was a course requirement. So lets hope there are no parents evenings on my night off.
  4. Jill was helpful in directing the overall content of my proposal and directed me to a more theory based approach.
  5. Jill was very supportive and provided opportunity to contact her if needed.
  6. I have to return my proposal draft to J McKay.
  7. I feel my main problem will be completion of the proposal in time,without missing out on other events.

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