The following references make my previous research relevant to CfE and Lifelong learning and consequently dictate the teaching strategies and styles I adopt as a practitioner.

CfE has incorporated Dance as an independent subject. Originally (and in many schools still) part of the PE course, Dance achieves all of the 4 capacities of learning and benefits the health and welfare of students .

Click on the link to the CfE: 4 Capacities.

SQA Dance qualifications enable learners to develop technical dance skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of dance techniques and choreographic skills, and an appreciation of theatre arts and dance practice.

Click on the link for the Higher Dance Syllabus  Higher

The course content of  Dance focus on 2 components:

  1. Performance: To assess the ability to apply and combine technical skills and performance skills.
  2. Practical: To assess the ability to apply problem-solving, critical thinking, interpretation and reflective practice to create and present a choreography for a minimum of three dancers, and review the choreographic process.

This approach raises the standard of vocational dance skills and skills for research, observation, review and evaluation need in any employment sector.

This change in curricular content requires the dance teacher to have similar skills and to employ them effectively as a role model. The new dance curriculum brings into question the teaching skills which are required to support and promote a new generation of learners. This directs me as a practitioner to adapt my teaching to use a holistic approach that meets the needs of a wide base of learners and develops skills for life. This directs my dance teaching and research to my proposal aims.

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