Questions entered in the earlier post have been modified to focus on how the proposed project would benefit my CPD.

This more critical approach contrasts the more impersonal approach used in scientific proposals (I need aims!!!).

Main Question:

As a reflective practitioner, how would I refine my dance artistry to develop lifelong learning of intermediate male dancers after identifying the key technical aspects of dance and reflecting on the effects of warm-up protocols, active research and teaching styles.


  • Based on technical qualities that dancers and teachers feel support lifelong learning, can I measure the factors that benefit training and aesthetic performance in the warm up.
  • By designing cardio, static (SS), dynamic (DS) and a combined (CS) stretch protocols and measuring their effect on technical qualities (vertical jump height, balance and range of motion), can I optimise a warm up for training intermediate dancers?
  • To what extent does my teaching style alter the effectiveness of warm up protocols?
  • Through reflection of my practice, can I determine if active involvement of intermediate dance students in research improves knowledge, technique and lifelong learning?
  • Through evaluation of my investigation, can I determine if males are encouraged to participate in dance utilising a dance teaching warm up protocol that focuses on the technical improvement and active involvement?

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