This blog considers the ‘effectiveness’ of ICT in learning. I feel ICT augments the learning and teaching process but should not direct it. ‘It is what we do with it that counts’.

One problem is as that as soon as research on technology is published an improved version or app is brought out and the existing version and the research is out of date.

The question to ask is therefore not whether or no a tool is effective at pushing a child to the next stage of their learning, because any positive effect will be incremental. ‘Rather we need to establish what role we want technology to take in the learning process, and judging the effectiveness at performing the tasks we set’ This is a question I want to address as part of my sub-questions in my proposal, by actively involving students in measuring aspects of their dance technique.

Incorporating the use of ICT into my research as a tool to aid learning promotes the belief that, ‘We need to take an active role in blending impactful technology into our practice’. My use of technology to measure technique is one method.

A second use results from the fact we are now connected to the internet from every point on the globe. This makes research from home possible and creates possibilities for technology to benefit lifeskills.

The purpose of this blog consequently supports the use of technology in my proposal and provides a purpose for its use. ‘Engagement with research should be focused on the pedagogy that fills the space’, in a learners understanding, ‘rather than the technology that creates it’.

I feel, ICT can reduce workload, improve assessment strategies and enhance delivery of content.


Jamieson, C. (2015) Space to Teach-Research aware practice with educational technology. Teaching Scotland: 21st Century Explorers, How Teaching Can Change the World. 61, 30. General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

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