This quote encourages continual CPD.

Teachers should always strive to improve their practice. There is no point within a teaching career when all children are performing at their best or that lesson content meets every learners needs.

Completing SWOT analysis provides a pathway for continual improvement and avenues to explore to improve practice.

 I feel this is only effective if self evaluation is carried out. Evaluation identifies positive consequences and areas to develop, which provides a pathway for progression.

Training during the Med should support CPD of the participating students.


It is essential that all teachers remember that although some of their dancers will become professionals, a significant number will not continue dance professionally. This proposal aims to provide new avenues to access the dance curriculum and engage students who perform less well within educational system. My proposal identifies measurement and research skills which would increase the skillset of dancers and be of benefit  in whichever career they decide to pursue. All teachers should aim to encourage all students and ultimately facilitate their enjoyment of dance.


The collaborative space provided me with access to an old photo of me in 2012! I was attending a choreography course at RCS. I particularly enjoyed the collaboration and skill development.  The picture shows that by guiding students discovery of movement and directing their practice excellent pieces of choreography can evolve. Some of the participants on this course are also present on the MEd course at RCS showing that there is continued enthusiasm for dance and a sharing of good practice.

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