General Summary/Rationale/SWOT Analysis:


Skills and Weaknesses:

I began dance aged 5 and for the last 10 years trained in professional classes. I achieved Honours in Associate BATD exams for theory, teaching and artistry. Tutors identified stamina/agility strengths and turnout/alignment weaknesses. Having completed  a Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning (DDTAL)  with Merit at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. I hoped this would direct me to a education based dance teaching post in Scotland. The lack of opportunity within this sector has caused me to redirected my CPD through a Masters in Education at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This should provide a link between my research, teaching and dance and give direction in my professional dance teaching and research career. I have 14 years experience teaching community Jazz, Modern stage, Hip hop and fitness with Carson’s Dance school, The Studio and KA Leisure. I relate 9 years Biology/Chemistry teaching practice (ages 11-18) to dance tuition. I plan and deliver progressive and coherent lessons using teaching and learning styles and AifL strategies. I have 2 years experience introducing Higher Dance in secondary school where I taught and assessed practical and theory work. Lesson observations complimented my creative choreography and inclusive practice. I have a reputation as an excellent teacher focussed on technique, artistry and wellbeing. Effective problem-solving skills allow me to work well alone or in a team. I attend CPD to progress my practice and management skills. My post at Ka Leisure is pressured by a demand for constant numbers and limited by lack of promotion. It does provide me with freedom of creativity and promotion of dance in the community.

Opportunities and Threats:

I teach community dance and after schools programmes promoting dance and fitness. This provides opportunity for me to develop dance for young people. Active School initiatives encourage boys to dance and girls into fitness. Scottish dance focuses on Contemporary/Ballet. Awareness of other dance styles may be appealing in the community. Viability as a dance teacher is affected by increasing numbers of dance schools. Advent of Dance in Scottish Curriculum for 3-18 years should make dance more available to young people and provide job opportunities. National Dance Teachers Association (NDTA) membership shows a need for UK dance teachers. Inclusion of curricular dance as a separate Arts subject for 11-18 years is delayed by lack of funding and Scottish educational dance teaching qualification. Current school/college posts are consequently temporary non-contracted and part-time. A full-time permanent Biology/Chemistry teaching post limits the courses and time when I can pursue a dance career. A dance post must be financially viable. Dance students are available to accept temporary part-time contracts. I strive to direct a comprehensive dance curriculum which develops learners’ technique/artistry and promotes a positive dance experience.

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