As a result of a post on the RCS Collaborative area, I received a reply from Kelly Shearer (Y-Dance) on my Dance Management questionnaire. The reply can be found by clicking Dance programme questionaire (1).


QUESTION 1: Describe the content in your dance programme and how this progresses dancers.

As part of Y-Dance Kelly completes projects similar to projects I am currently involved in ‘Girls are Us’ and ‘Dance Leadership’. These areas were selected as they were considered to reflect the background and needs in the local area. i.e. Dance Leader and classes to increase the participation of girls in fitness.

The dance genre are also similar: (All except jump style)

Contemporary, Jazz, Streetdance, African, Bollywood, Jumpstyle, LindyHop as well as warm-up ideas, movement games, choreographic tasks and a look into Laban Analysis and the components of dance.

This similarity in focus means feedback is particularly relevant and links directly with projects I am involved in.

QUESTION 2: Outline specific requirements of the warm up completed by participants in your programme

The warm up outline reminds me on my focus when teaching Zumba! I presume the reason behind this choice of warm up protocol is therefore similar too. This warm up style is particularly enjoyed by girls and increases cardio fitness.

I have changed my warm up focus-Probably as a result of my studies and research. I include stretch protocols which were not mentioned.

This reintroduces the need for the aim of my proposal, to investigate the need for stretch protocols in warm up.

QUESTION 3: Describe the benefits to participants of the teaching styles used in your programme.

Kelly identifies the need for a range of teaching styles and emphasises that effective teachers will adopt a range of styles. Kelly did not comment on Guided discovery or Command and practice techniques which will be a focus of this proposal.

Kelly explains the need for a range of activities that would support the need for a range of teaching styles. She also indicates the need for assessment and evaluation. Kelly  suggests the focus of personal development of females through dance. Their confidence levels, fitness levels and technical abilities. I could consider in my proposal if these aims should be the same or modified to support the learning of boys in dance.

QUESTION 4: Explain whether measuring aspects of movement would benefit programme participants.

 *Kelly was unsure in this question. I suggest through measurement as an alternative way to involve students in dance. Measurement of performance will map progress, identify next steps and involve students in a different aspect of practice. This may link students in dance that may not otherwise have participated.

QUESTION 5: Describe ways in which your programme supports inclusion of males. 

The YDance Active project is specifically funded to reach teenage girls. Despite there being fewer males than females in dance. Particularly in my local area. There is no specific dance programme to support males in dance. There is a requirement to facilitate males into dance.

QUESTION 6: Outline the ways your dance programme supports lifelong learning.

The key skills for girls on the Y-Dance project are skills which may also benefit boys. The leadership course develops transferrable skills such as: Communication, team-building, problem solving, self-reflection, peer-assessment, critical thinking, research skills etc. But these skills are not technical skills as focussed n in my proposal. This suggests I will need to consider if these skills are relevant and identify of they will be needed to support males technical skills in my proposal. It is clear a male specific programme should also focus on successes at Secondary School, College and University as well as in Employment.

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