Many thanks for emailing your proposal. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this version on your WordPress site so am replying via email.
This is a very detailed and impressive proposal and as I mentioned to you yesterday possibly too detailed (if that’s possible!) for a smaller ten credit module. However I commend the fact that you have given so much thought to the area under consideration and this will stand you in good stead for what lies ahead.
You have successfully identified:
the key questions
where to find the answers
the stakeholders
the benefits from a successful project (for you and for others)
what you hope to learn
It would be good to know what software you intend to use for your analysis. Also I wonder if you might consider if there are any gender differences in the responses from the various dance teachers? This would certainly be classed as a variable. I suggest that the Protocol references would be better served as a blog entry rather than in the proposal. Just state what they are rather than including the full visuals in your final submission.
Have a think about these few small points and revise if you wish prior to 30 November. Please have another try at putting the proposal into your ePortfolio and I’ll send you an official feedback form in early December.

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