Attached to this link is the powerpoint used to introduce my initial proposal at my RCS MEd interview.

Powerpoint link:

Acute Effects of Warm-up Protocols and Teaching Styles

This module has expanded my proposal by:

1. Changing the questions so that they benefit my learning and teaching rather than completing a project which lacks relevance or use.

2. By developing my project based on opinions of others involved in Dance teaching and learning rather than based on my ideas and literacy review.

3. By forcing me to consider how my project would impact on the curriculum, stakeholders and teaching and learning.

4. I have reviewed significantly more literature and now understand the scaffold within which my proposal sits.

5. I consider how the results of the project will benefit the education of boys/students who under perform in the current curriculum as their kinaesthetic and research skills do not match the learning environment. I identified how the disciplines of dance and science can be integrated and through focus n similar measurements. I investigate dance in a manner which will promote dance through lifelong learning and research.

6. I have a clear idea of the learning I wish to achieve.

I hope to improve my understanding of the anatomical benefits of stretching and use this understanding to improve the flexibility and strength of my students.

I hope to identify mechanisms to improve the lifeskills of my students by teaching them research approaches and measurement skills.

I hope to improve engagement of boys in dance by focussing lessons on areas of dance that appeal to their areas of interest in fitness.

I will explore the use of different teaching styles which will inform my practice and provide variation and interest to my lessons.

I hope to use this research to develop a course for students who under perform in science but are not as interested in the performance aspect of dance.

I hope to use my research to link dance and science teaching in a manner that improves my practice and that of others.






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