urban-microclimate-640-316How to Change Education- Ken Robinson

Video can be found through this link Ken Robinson

Policy reform suggests a need to ‘Get back to basics’

Basics are not the most import STEM subjects: Science/maths/English/engineering. Basics are the purposes for which we teach them.

I have taught Biology Chemistry and Dance within the education system. The school continues to prioritise Science/Maths/English core subjects but CfE is driving change. If the school in which I teach is to meet educational reform there is a need to change focus to promote the importance of all subjects and the effective lifeskills which practical and creative subjects provide. Broad general education rather than focus on Vocational skills in core discoplines promotes the diversity of skills that a variety of subject contexts can provide and the motivation gained from discovering lifeskills.

If we do not agree on purposes of teaching we cannot agree on means or processes.

Purposes of Education: Basics are the 4 purposes for which we teach a group of subjects.

  1. Economic: Health/Vitality/Sustainability to promote adaptability and creativity which are desired by employers and individuals
  2. Cultural: Broad and general to meet the needs of diverse learners and educational contexts
  3. Social: To actively engage in how communities are controlled and governed
  4. Personal: To differentiate for ability/talents/motivation and prevent disengagement.

Means and processes:

The connection between the Teacher and the Students is at the heart of education. Education from the ground up not from conformation of principles/objectives/timelines.

This requires teachers to consider, learning styles, teaching styles and teaching strategies. Focusing on policies written by Ministers of State to improve learning and teaching are unlikely to improve education as the eliminate teachers. Teachers drive education in the areas they observe in their own practice and that of others. This is why I complete self-evaluation and observe the practice of others. My MEd research proposal is relevant as it focuses on the areas of education I feel will improve learning and teaching of male dancers. This proposal is based on current issues in learning and teaching.

Children of all ages learn; we do not teach speaking but children talk; we do teach writing. The purpose of attending school is to optimise and encourage learning in the areas students would not consider if left to their own devices.

I must focus on learning and teaching rather than ‘delivering the curriculum’. I must have a good understanding of my subject, ignite the passion for learning and engage students. My classroom mirrors tis as it demonstrates this as it has a community of reciprocal partnerships.

If I focus on my own microclimate within my classroom, the change in how I act will command changes which will drive successful learning.

Human culture is already adapting the learning and teaching. I observed online open classes show the system is adapting. This is confirmed in this talk. I recognise as teachers work within the classroom they are in the best position to direct reform.

My aim as teacher is not to command or control but to recognise our place in the control of our microenvironment. Finding this place will direct my career choices and sculpt my teaching practice.

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