Practitioner Enquiry Literature Review

Peer Reviewing

Review 1.

Name of reviewer:              Claire McCartney

Name of reviewee:             Barry Donaldson

A thorough review of two pieces of literature and their importance to the reviewees’ research. An initial statement of intent allows the reader to identify the purpose and this is then linked to the proposed research. There is clear progression through aim, methods, controls and results for both literature and comprehensive outline of subjects used, methodology and context. Critical analysis would be developed through discussion of the effectiveness of these aspects. Links between sources and proposed research could increase depth of analysis. Minor grammatical errors include; need for a comma after similarly (paragraph 10, line 1); spelling of Likert scales and phrasing in paragraph 2 to reduce the use of the word ‘similarly’. The tense is generally correct except paragraph 8, line 1-2. There was more balance towards source 1 than 2, particularly when considering methodology and results. The clarity of this review lay in systematic progression through source 1 and 2. The structure supported a build-up of concepts to identify potential for future research in the final paragraph.


Review 2.

Name of reviewer:              Claire McCartney

Name of reviewee:             Kerry Jones

This review shows comprehensive understanding of two literature sources and identifies similar conclusions valuing dance as an independent subject in Sweden and America. Both literature sources are introduced based on their aims and research findings compared. The reader would benefit from an opening statement and initial links to the proposed research. Strength of analysis would be increased by stating rather than implying how the second source links to proposed research. Smaller paragraphs and sentences (e.g. lines 2-5 and 9-12) would clarify ideas. There is effective balance between both sources and consideration of source validity based on progression of dance concepts at the publication date. Without identifying methodology or control of variables, it is difficult to show evidence of progression of this research in the future. This review would be enhanced by critical analysis of reasoning underlying conclusions provided for both sources. This review rightly supports dance as an independent subject in Scotland.





Task 1

Students read two research reports and analyze them.

Students are to state the topic studied, the procedures used to gather data, the method of data analysis, and the major conclusion.

Did the authors select an appropriate research approach and a rationale for its selection.

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