Create a dissemination plan for all studies and for grants. This is all the examples I can think of….

  1. Develop a budget that supports dissemination efforts (This may include translation, printing, mailing and/or community forum costs).
  2. Develop a timeline for dissemination efforts. Long-term studies can do annual updates to key stakeholders such as study participants, tutor, peers, department, school, community, students and parents).
  3. Collaboration in dissemination builds a positive research forum e.g study participants and community representatives.
  4. Make research results accessible to various audiences through ICT strategies e.g. blogs and internet sites, research portfolio, Newsletter.


1. Disseminate research progress and findings to study participants.

  1. Make dissemination accessible paying attention to language and literacy needs of audience as was done during the outreach/recruitment study phase.
  2. Ask study participants how they would like to be informed of findings.
  3. Use multiple methods to disseminate findings to study participants including Q& A forums, newsletters and websites.
  4. Disseminate positive, negative and null results.

2. Disseminate research progress and findings to agencies and service providers.

  1. Prioritize dissemination of results for agencies that assisted with recruitment and/or serve the target population.
  2. Emphasize the practical implications of results and how it informs practice

3. Disseminate findings to Professionals/Peers

  1. Write articles about the study in newsletters or websites frequently used by service providers.
  2. Provide network meetings and DM to raise the profile of results and importance of Practitioner Enquiry to teaching practice.

4. Disseminate research findings to community.

  1. Use dissemination venues appropriate to the targeted community.
  2. Disseminate research findings to policymakers (GTCS/SWA/RCS)
  3. Identify potential policy impacts.

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