I think that practitioner enquiry allows teachers to reflect on their teaching and provide direction for sustained improvement.

At almost the end of this module, I feel that I have a deep understanding of the potential for practitioner enquiry in teacher professional learning and I am able to facilitate others in the process. Though I feel a little lost in setting out my powerpoint…(A decluttered approach with flexibility to show reflection is needed).

I have through private discussions encouraged other teachers to participate in offsets of my enquiry and have outlined a proposal to encourage the enquiry process in my school as I feel it would benefit the standard of learning and teaching and collaboration between teachers. I am eager to support cluster schools to develop their enquiry programmes. I included my practitioner enquiry as a workshop for other teachers in hope that they also participate. I hope to link with an enquiry  Active Schools has begun as a result of our discussions and to  foster a link between Active Schools, Science, Physical Education and KA Leisure.

The development of pedagogy, particularly when introducing dance into the school curriculum is my main area of interest. I feel that using the correct approaches is central to developing student enthusiasm and performance.I understand from my enquiry that boys are under represented in dance and under-perform in the curriculum in general. Pedagogy  provides mechanisms to involve students in the learning process and the meaningful integration of Science and technology into learning.


the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness,

I feel teaching is a creative profession and therefore my Science (research) and dance (creative expression) links should complement each other.

Creativity is needed to plan a lesson (Teaching Artist Module) and to find strategies to engage students and other teachers in the learning and teaching process (Practitioner Enquiry).

I believe that my focus on developing active processes to involve learners is a truly creative pedagogy. It changes the way I approach introducing a topic with a class, changes the  dynamic of the topic and the methods I use to involve learners. I feel practitioner enquiry has made me more aware of the collaborative enterprise with the students and staff.

I feel the key words which describe practitioner enquiry are:

Learning              Positivity         Sustainable-improvement       Sharing

Community        Creativity        Research                                          Commitment

In my opinion, practitioner enquiry is a powerfully creative process linking aspects of the arts and research based science. On completion of my final research project I will have the knowledge to support school leaders and their staff to develop aspects of pedagogy and the use of Dance-Science to speaking directly, through written dissemination or working directly with groups of staff. To disseminate my findings I could organise events, write papers and consult with Faculty leaders at Network meetings. I feel dance provides a medium to share m findings and allow the audience to understand my process visually and kinaesthetically.

This link click here…RSA, shows the need for teachers to be inspiring, engaging and knowledgeable. The clip shows the need to develop teachers as creative and continual researchers which progress their methods as this designs a solution to current leaning and teaching problems. Teacher autonomy through practitioner enquiry allows teachers to significantly change and improve the teaching environment and policies.


  • ‘Enquiry, when done well, is a process which supports teachers to create and evaluate their own pedagogies…that’s why I love it so much’ (Fearghal Kelly).

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