IMG_2460[1].JPGThis was a contemporary creative session.

We began with a review yesterday technical work.

I received correction to turn my legs out….nothing new there.

However, another member of the team thought it would be great to correct me and point out that this was basic technique and on a number of occasions too….I taught a class on Monday morning and they said I was ‘well crabbit, was this going to last’. I had to take a rain check and sort myself out. Lets focus on that sparkly thick cream I need to smother all over. This caused me to self-reflect……

Next steps..

  • Turnout will only work if I am practicing and most of my free time at the moment is taken up with school work, SQA work, essay writing or teaching others dance or fitness. This needs readdressed.
  • I am now on a mission to get my dance technique back. I have been at ballet, yoga and some stretch thing that nearly killed me. I will not be able to sort things till stuff quietens but now on a mission.
  • My main learning point in this lesson is that I would have felt awful if a member of any of my classes felt the same. I am unsure if the teacher noticed.
  • This rant in my blog has been left until I have simmered down so this is the abbreviated version. I am not in the business of alerting anyone-this my personal monologue…..and to give me a kick when I read it back.

Rest of lesson:

  1. We started with written statements and were asked to make a routine in pairs.

I liked this exercise and found it surprisingly easy…I had loads of ideas and it didn’t take me aggggges like my normal choreo prep. I think the reason for the shorter time was working with a partner who had a fine next criteria attitude rather than my usual dissection of each movement. I felt we worked well together and were both happy with the sequence and both contributed equally to the task.

Task sheet:


2. My sequence with Kerry was not so awesome. We interpreted the sequence as sports movements rather than the essence of the movement associated with sport. Next time. A teaching point for myself would be a focus on Laban’s Movement actions.

3. I had to choreograph 16 counts to teach Kerry and Yvonne. My effort I felt was not great. As I said I take time to build a sequence (I should have used something I already)….but it was ok and I worked with Kerry to change the order and combine our sequences. Next time I will use one of the methods to enhance choreo production and set counts immediately.

Yvonne provided work sheets and I have now got a Dance RCS folder for them.

Overall a good learning experience and a good reflection of inner-self.









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