Communication Between Medical Practitioners and Dancers – By Donna Krasnow

Link to journal entry Medicine-Dance

My enquiry looks at the link between dance-science. This journal entry may allow me to reflect in a different way by finding the link between dance-medicine .

The data shows that medical practitioners

  1. Rarely communicated with each other concerning a common (dance) patient.
  2. Rarely communicated with the dancers’ teachers, choreographers, and directors.
  3. This was not disconcerting to injured dancers, who tended to believe that such communication was not important to their recovery.
  4. Significantly, dancers did not fully understand the nature of their injuries when they sought medical advice, and they did not press the medical practitioners for additional information.
  5. Both groups generally believed that dancers would benefit by learning more about human anatomy.

If a dance-science approach was take to teaching dance. I feel dancers would not only be clearer although where their bodies should be placed to improve technique but they would be better informed about how to improve their practice, understand how the movement is created and how best to cope when injury inevitably occurs.

A dance-science programme which I feel also has place within Secondary education to improve learning also has a place in educating dancers on how their bodies work and react to injury. This reference proves the validity of this statement. 

This journal is pivotal in my enquiry, as it gives credibility to my questions and shows I investigate in active research area worthy of further study at Secondary and University level. 

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