This clip shows my youngest Friday dancer (primary 1) reciting her motif from the start point- a dance I choreographed.

She has selected her favourite moves. Her theme is under the sea. Not because it is the theme we used in the creative y-dance but because she loves “nemo”.

A second primary 1 has selected super Heros as her theme. The dance movements are more technically correct. Her mum filmed her motif.

This week we started changing sections of the motif. We might take some time but I will update my blogs with developments. 

Dancer 2 arrived in a super girl outfit and has picked her superman music!! 

This shows my use of the creative skills used in the RCS weekend. The older girls are doing the same task. I will update both. 

All ladies are super keen and love creating their own choreography. 

Even so I was surprised with the enthusiasm for last nights tasks!! 

Updates coming….

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