Informal interview:

1. Interview with principle assessor of advanced higher biology.

  • Identified a gap where students in national 4 do not have the skill set to progress to national 5 biology.
  • This gap has been a direct result of shifting to the national rather than the standard grade system.
  • Students lack the problem solving skills.

2. Interview with senior director of advanced higher biology

  • He has written a sports-science course.
  • The niche for the course was to fill the gap before standard grade 
  • Standard grade was introduced and the gap for this course diminished 
  • The gap has reappeared with national testing.
  • Part of the course involved bouncing a ball. Dissecting its movement. Carrying out calculations and graph plotting before trying to copy the movement using the body and discussing the forces acting with each movement.

I feel the latter point provides additional ideas for The content of dance science.

The top people have indentified the same gap as me and the possibility of a dance-science suiting curricular needs.

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