Need to match the criteria. This one is limited to RAD teachers and though there is no location it looks like England.

Job Title:

Lecturer in Dance Education


Faculty of Education

Department Purpose:

· To develop, promote, coordinate, administer and deliver the Academy‘s programmes of study leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degree, diploma and certificate awards of the validating university, and awards of the Royal Academy of Dance.

·  To support and develop the validation relationship with the validating university.

·  To enhance the visibility and renown of the professional qualifications of the Royal Academy of Dance internationally.

·  To initiate and manage a programme of continuing professional development to ensure an up to date, dynamic workforce.

Responsible to:


Date of Appointment:

August 2015

Nature of Appointment:

Full time

As a member of the academic team you will be responsible for the teaching, assessment and development of teacher education and training modules across all Faculty of Education programmes and in particular the Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Dance Teaching where Qualified Teacher Status will be required. This will include supervision of practical teaching placements in schools and colleges across private, public and community dance contexts.  You will also contribute to research and development in technology-enhanced learning. You will be required to undertake administrative duties associated with the teaching and practical teaching supervision, and with the day-to-day management and care of students, and to contribute to the developing research and scholarship in the Faculty of Education, as follows:



·  Delivering selected modules (academic and professional) in teacher education and training across Faculty of Education programmes: undergraduate, postgraduate, taught and distance learning , on site and off site delivery;


· Setting, marking and monitoring of module assignments in education, dance education, teaching and training;


·  Monitoring and development of modules across all programmes in response to key government initiatives and developments within dance teaching and dance teacher education and training;


· Supervising and tutoring student dissertations and projects related to education, arts education and dance education, and teacher education and training;


· Work with the Dean, Head of Learning& Teaching, Programme Managers, and other staff in the tutoring and supervision of teaching practice across Faculty of Education programmes.


Administrative Duties:


· Contributing to wider student support including pastoral care, year tutoring and key skills development;


· Monitoring and developing learning resources for your specific subject area;


·  Supporting the Dean, Head of Learning& Teaching, Head of Quality Assurance and Programme Managers in the annual review of programmes, external inspections and audits as appropriate;


· Attending all relevant meetings including Programme Meetings, Student Progress and Assessment Boards, Boards of Examiners, Annual Programme Reviews and Planning Days as required;


· Participating in staff support and development initiatives, including INSET sessions and staff mentoring schemes;


·  Maintaining teaching files, tutorial notes and other evidence of teaching and learning in accordance with Faculty of Education, validating University, OFSTED and QAA requirements;


· Undertaking basic administrative duties (e.g. word processing, filing, e-mail, correspondence, etc.) related to teaching, tutoring, assessment, supervision, student support and programme development as required.

Research and Development:


· Working with FoE academic staff members, you will research and develop technology-enhanced learning models appropriate to the multiplicity of environments in which student-learning takes place internationally.

Professional Development and Contribution to the Education/Dance Education Community:


· Engage in Continuing Professional Development in accordance with the Academic Staff Research Policy and the Research Strategy;


· Attend conferences, present papers (where appropriate) and disseminate new ideas and practices to students and colleagues;


· Submit articles, reviews or papers for publication in appropriate publications including refereed journals.


Faculty of Education Committee Representation:


·         Undergraduate/Postgraduate Programme Meetings

·         Board of Examiners (UG/PG Programmes)

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