Introduction – Higher Dance Practice – Contemporary dance

I have begun this post to identify the contemporary techniques needed for Higher/National 5 Dance. This should provide me with a contemporary resource to link to the practical sessions when they cover Secondary material.

Centre work

  • lateral spine curves
  • high release
  • spirals
  • contractions
  • roll downs – parallel, first and second
  • pliés in parallel, first, second and third with upper body curves
  • tilts
  • tendus and foot work in parallel and turnout en croix
  • grand battements en croix

Floor exercises

  • swings
  • curves
  • high release
  • tilts
  • falls
  • rolls
  • second position
  • transitions from standing to floor and reverse


  • combinations of swings with rolls to floor and jumps
  • swings and lunges with upper body curves
  • developpés en croix
  • tilts


  • triplets with turns and spirals
  • leaps
  • skips
  • sparkle jumps
  • movement phrases using directions, floor patterns and floorwork

The following video clips have been downloaded form Education Scotland  and outline key techniques.

Posture, alignment and centre (Higher Dance – Contemporary)

Exemplification of movement in contemporary dance at Higher level. Accurate technique for maintaining good posture alignment and centre is illustrated.



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