• Setting: This picture was the start of the last rehearsal of a creative performance.
  • Year group: The first years.
  • Purpose: We worked over the last 12 weeks to prepare a creative class piece.


The girls and boy selected ‘doll house’ as their theme. The boy was in charge of music selection/singing and the girls worked on choreography/costuming in small groups. We also worked together on my choreography and use of props. The students were allowed in enterprise to build boxes and decorate them for staging of the doll house.


The students in this series of workshops were more enthusiastic but less technically trained than the last group.

Lesson 1 started well with enjoyable and high energy warm up. Initial lessons followed the plan of 1. Warm up  2. Technique exercises 3. Travelling 4. Choreography. 5. Cool down. I changed warm up to incorporate student led as well as teacher led movement and shape games. This worked well as it provided a start point to the lesson with everyone engaged, but as students began the 1 mile jog each morning initial enthusiasm was harder to identify.

Students initially preferred hip hop but as the weeks progressed, I found they were more engaged where  range of dance forms were incorporated into 2. Technique exercises and 3. Travelling sections. This provided students with no dance training with diverse movements and interpretations for their creative choreography. I taught the students 3 short dance sequences which were performed in  group. I then allowed the to work in groups to create their own sequences.

I think that this group enjoyed the creative section more than the first dance group. Their choreography was more imaginative.

Initially, creative work was based on themes selected by the students. The different themes created different movements. We used Laban’s actions to make the movement fit with the theme.

Pretty happy with the cloth used as a skirt-mental note to use again!!


Students in this class were not as technically proficient as the dancers in the first 12 weeks. It was more difficult to hold their attention within one lesson and they did not recall anything from the previous session. Progress was slow. I changed my approach bringing in props to hold the dancers attention and creative work.



Note: There is only one picture as  students did not return their video consent form. The five in the picture did, including Sam who bombed the shot!!


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