I have just taken a group of S3 for dance for ‘HIT THE TARGET’. None of the 35 had danced before and all of them were sceptical.

Two hours later (and a bit toasted)… I am back in my classroom.

Unlike normal, where it is lunch and I’m half asleep, a bit bored and thinking two periods to go! I am hyper (and …happy). If ever there was an indication of what I like doing this is it!!

How did the class go? (REFLECTION) 

At the warm up the girls copied well and were behaving but could have added a wee bit of energy. The start of the dance, I made quite simple and gave them freedom for personal interpretation. They did interpret and provide me with moves. I felt they were a bit shy. I used a walking in pairs section to relax them and to reveal the inner diva. Although they enjoyed it, I felt it lacked the spark of something. Then, I changed tact… used a teacher facilitated approach to teach a commercial routine. As suggested by my tutor in Laban, I supported the movement with adjectives and did not use counts. I focused instead on the use of words in the music, sounds and ques to keep the class in time. It contained quite complex choreography. The result was amaising!! They nailed the chorreo (although I helped a little) and even added in a ‘oooh ooh!!’ Students passing saw what we were doing and came in to join in too. They were so engaged that they attempted the kick layout at the end.

They left singing!!

Only negative!!!!! I could not take a picture as there were no consent forms issued in planning for this one off event.



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