Today’s dance was based in Pineapple studios. The classes were less technical than my week at Laban. Immediately I noted a swift improvement in recall from me-so miby this technical stuff has its place. 

Class 1 was contemporary. A teacher led warmup with a lot of static stretching and abs. Again I recalled that static stretches removes the power from muscles but I’m into anything that will elongate me and fine. Only issue with the warm up was the  back flips from the floor!!!! I may have had slight issues there!!!

Also the travelling was as expected but barrel turns across the room were something I would generally avoid. So why was I in this class…choreography. The teacher has a unique quirky style and interprets anything from race horses to loss of a loved one. Today’s topic was the feeling when life has just squished you too much. There was beautiful positions and unusual contortions which the class experimented with and interpreted with their own story. It was very inspirational.  Although there was no cooldown!! I participated in a contemporary lyrical that not only did I remember but was more fun than technique.

The second class was ballet. It was full and a range of dancers were present from 60 plus to teenagers. The main reason for this class was the correction of alignment, technique and turnout. A good class but not a cardio.
Class 3 was commercial lyrical. An unusual combo for me. I was not quite cool enough for this style to do it justice and I felt a bit awkward at the age range! But I found insight into cool body ripples and freezes that might ignite my own choreo.
The last class of the day was commercial. I’m posting the video as I knew it was super fast and a new style for me. I’m filming the brilliance…I was defiantly not in the correct attire. I could see the kids at school liking this. Off to practice the wiggle! Could try similar choreo to tease the RCS ladies…​

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