Post 186: JAZZ CLASS

This video is the Jazz class at Laban. Two weeks of choreography here. 

Some of the dancers here are part of a ballet troup which is the leading group in cores others are general dancers who lack experience. 

I spoke to some of the participants.

“I did not understand what I was to do”

“I didn’t feel challenged”

“We did 8 counts just at the end of class”

“The who lesson was like a cardio warm up rather than a dance class”

“I kept following the person in front”

“Latino dancing is just me, but I didn’t learn anything new”

I felt that more description of the movement and how it should be executed would have helped. The dancers were more than capable but not challenged to correct alignment, energy or counts.

I was shocked when the teacher stopped the class and gave participants into trouble for just not trying and not giving energy. Apparently we should “paint a smile on our faces”.

I’m not sure what to type at this point. The participants were of high ability. The content of the class was fine. The routine fun and technically demanding. The music was loud, thumping and modern. The delivery was not matched to the energy of participants at the end of a day of dance. They needed stretched, their pulse raised and some brain torture to motivate them into action. 

This would be my worst nightmare as a teacher as I would feel I had not met the needs of my class.

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