I saw this dance promotional clip online.

Link:         Dance School

I would love my dance company to be like this.

I relate to my dance experiences to provide explanation of why.

  1. When I teach the parents who attend my classes have expressed that they want the dance classes to be enjoyable.  Parents describe how their child has been enrolled in other dance classes and both their child and them selves have been put off even for life by strict teachers and unobtainable standards. I agree where I have been pressured to perform technique I loose self confidence and stop breathing which makes my performance stiff. The classes I love the best are where is clear the teacher has passion for dance. I walked into a class a little late, gave the teacher an awkward wave and the teacher gave a wink of encouragement. I could feel the buzz of energy in the room. This I realise is the positive environment which nurtures technical and artistic dancers.
  2. The video mentions the first thing to nurture in dancers is passion. At the dance camp this week, two parents asked when my term time classes were. They saw (I hope) that I had encouraged the children to understand the scary theme. To look at my sharp angles and try to embody the shape. To extend from their toes to their finger tips and to interact with their audience and me by scaring them!! They were smiling not because they had been told but because they had been praised for what they did well and they were enjoying getting it right. Where there is passion, technique will follow. What stands out in the video is the passion the students have, the effort they are giving and the enthusiasm they have. Not an exam in sight.
  3. The video showed a community of dancers. Although there is levels of dancers they all get on and all help each other. They did not bring others down, sit out or identify individual faults.  They all clap and cheer at the end of each performance. I have observed and have video evidence of older girls in my Friday class helping younger students and praised them for going beyond what was needed to help a blind dancer who attended my classes for a few weeks. I have appreciated this positivity when I attended classes in Pineapple Studio where both Teachers and Students say hello and add me on Facebook.
  4. The technical ability of the students can actually be greater than that of the teacher!!!!! The teachers job is to get the best from their students (as it said in the video). One of the best dance teachers I know needs a replacement hip and uses verbal cues, demonstrations by class members and imagery to get the quality of movement from the students. She misses nothing and has an eye for both quality and the correction needed. I never claim to be the best dancer but I know what is correct and how to get students to this point. For example; I have never completed a switch kick, yet my dancers and one or the teachers who used to work at KA Leisure can because I explained how to and built up the movement from a stag leap to the point where they can.
  5. You do not need to yell counts to keep dancers in time. Watching the dance teacher in the clip you can hear her  stating the next movement and providing praise. The dancers will keep at the same time as they are watching in the mirror. Setting counts too soon can make movement stilted. Dancers do need the counts or beat pattern to dance .
  6. As a teacher it is essential to enjoy your job and for this to transfer to the students. The worst classes I have observed are where a strict teacher has acted as an energy magnet.

This link is to inspiring teachers.

Inspiring teachers

I have been to classes by all these teachers.

My fav is Linda but enjoy Alex, Marks for an ultimate challenge.

I hope Karen’s knee/foot is getting better.




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