The photo below shows a happy Claire!!

I am in Pineapple Studios for a quick weekend before the school goes back.

The photos behind me represent the dancers who first attended Pineapple when it opened. The style is defiantly traditional Jazz. Although this is still taught in Pineapple there is a range of new styles.

I took a lot of Jazz Classes but styles new to me were Urban Contemporary (Contemporary moves with focus on rhythm and quirky almost child like style), Musical Theatre (Putting on the Ritz, Greece Lightning and Anne), Girly Hip hop (Commercial with lots of hips and posing), Rhythm Tap (Beats in a fast rhythm with few tap steps), Contemporary Ballet (Ballet but with contractions),  Dance Fit (Half hour conditioning and half hour dance) and House (Like fast high impact tap). BITS IN BRACKETS ARE MY INTERPRETATIONS.

I am feeling quite inspired by the new styles, the idea that previous artists have gone before and by the friendly nature of the dancers and teachers I have met in my visits to Pineapple. I would like to emulate my dance experience and this ethos in my classes.

 Pineapple provides professional classes for adults, something missing in Glasgow and Scotland as a whole. Adult dancers in Scotland are met only with Zumba, yoga and gym classes in Scotland. In Pineapple like the other students, I can participate in Professional level classes taught by experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

I feel my passion for dance is nurtured in an environment where others are as enthusiastic as myself. Where fellow dancers understand my solo visits and chat away about their visits to Pineapple with a day job.

I have enjoyed the positive and friendly approach of the staff at the door of Pineapple who remember those entering and make me feel welcome each day. I have enjoyed chatting to other dancers who are visiting or stay in London. Their stories and level of dance has been excelled by participation in classes of a high standard. I have experienced dance teaching where students and teachers are nasty for self promotion. In this environment I have felt the opposite and this has given me confidence when learning. Even beginner classes are at a higher level than in Glasgow. It shows how standards can be raised by accessibility to classes. This is something I would like to be part of in Scotland. Dancers are happy to share practice either by filming or by being videoed and this increases understanding of the class type, provides revision if you cannot remember choreography and allows self-evaluation. Not all teachers allow filming but where they do I feel their group benefits immensely.

The teachers smile and recognise dancers in their classes. They talk to participants at the same level rather than in a commanding way as in school. They provide correction without ridicule and have different class levels to suit participants. The music used is always uplifting or inspiring. The different cultures and genre of dance and the change in styles since my last visit have inspired and provided new direction my own choreography.

I attended Pineapple on my own, a daunting thought, but I have learned so much from the experience, my new friends as well as the dance process (see other blogs). I appreciate the benefit of a positive ethos in teaching and learning.

Can I say thanks to the girl who filmed the video and her antics put me off during it-in a nice way!

One thought on “POST 195: PINEAPPLE ETHOS

  1. jmorganltpa says:

    Pineapple has obviously been a very positive experience. Good to see your skills developing through collaboration with others.


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