Post 199: Higher dance

Today was the final meeting with the active schools coordinator for higher dance in the school.

The target dancers are dance leaders from local secondary schools who have dance experience and students in my school with dance experience.

I have prepared a poster promoting dance and an outline of the course content to be sent to potential participants.

I will work with active schools to promote dance in north Ayrshire and combine the schools together.

I have to write an email for all active schools and participants.


Unit 1 plus choreography unit till December.

Unit 2 plus written section of choreography plus exam dances from January till April.

Aim to have the choreography unit finished so that there is 7 sessions before the Xmas dance show when the higher dancers can teach the choreography to primary/lower secondary students and show off their choreography at the Xmas dance show. The show is filmed and so the higher dancers will begin a video portfolio of their work with lighting and staging. Also the dancers present in the higher dance have completed the first part of the y-dance dance leader so they will show progression in their delivery by using primary and some lower secondary students as their dancers in the choreography.

I have selected comtemorary and Jazz as the dance styles. I feel these are most sympathetic to the styles the potential dancers currently complete.

I will have Thursday and Friday after school to teach the girls higher dance but can put in additional sessions as needed. The PE department are happy to share the dance studio.

I also plan a one a month fitness for charity where students will pay one pound for an exercise half hour and money going to a different charity each time.

The aim is for the higher dance to be self sustaining. The promotion of dance in the tomatoes will cover more classes than I can do alone. It will involve dance leaders practically. Local dance teachers will be contacted to support technique progression. Active schools and north Ayrshire dance initiative within north Ayrshire council will be contacted to provide supper and potentially funding. With the support of active schools the higher dance will be sustained within a programme of dance rather than just my higher dance class.

I will be starting ASAP with a definate start by the beginning of September. Get choreographing Claire as my initial work will be set exercises and a dance for nab 1.

At last things are moving forward!! Yey!

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