Higher Dance the next chapter!!!

I have seven S5 and five S4 interested in Higher Dance. We have arranged after school Higher Dance and we have started the exercises and routine for Unit 1: Contemporary. We have collaborated with the Active schools Coordinator and the Dance Leaders within the seven S5 dancers have primaries to attend one lunchtime per week.

Higher Dance is going ok and we seem to be building S1-S3 Dance and dance fit for teachers  into the extracurricular programme.

Until…..headmaster spoke to me again stating that miby Higher Dance was NOT suitable!!!!!! He stated it would be better embedded in the curriculum (that much I agree) for S6 (EHH??? He knows there are no dancers in S6 as they left last year to attend Dance Colleges!!). He stated that I should write a proposal to explain how Dance would fit within the curriculum and after school. I honestly felt a bit dejected as I had already written a SWOT analysis which he thought was fine and have arranged things with the Dancers, PE, Active Schools and the Cluster Primaries. The attached  is my Dance Proposal which was written between 3:30 and 5:30 the same day.


The next chapter…..

Headmaster liked my proposal and we are allowed to continue Higher Dance as planned. Phew!!


If we feel the candidates would be better doing the Units only and enjoying the experience with a view to doing the Higher Next year…….DRUM ROLE……IT WILL BE TIMETABLED IN MY HOURS (ie. not  off-timetable hours) AND INCLUDED AS A SUBJECT IN THE CURRICULM 2016-2017.


So a happy person here- at last a small break through!

That was Friday, Just had Saturday with my friend going on about how with an HND they have been offered a post Lecturing Dance in UWS (but I’m still on a high about my wee higher dancers).

Tonight, I checked the RCS website for jobs (Actually, I was trying to access my  RCS email!)…..there is a research post 0.8 for 4 years and a research manager post 0.8 PERMANENT!  I may need another SWOT analysis as I did not factor job applications in! Apply and not get it would end the Higher Dance (omg).

………………………..Higher Dance Chapter to be continued…

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