This weekend for me was exactly what I needed! Not for academic challenge but for the sharing of like minds and the support of others.

I was met at the door by friendly staff and then chatted to the rest of my group.

I felt included and everyone was talking about their projects and experiences. I think this was the goal of the meeting.

I was provided with two course outlines. One for Contexts and Culture and the other for ‘I cannot recall the name arhhh’. This meant I could look through the course content to ensure I was on track.

The afternoon session started with the First years explaining how useful they had found the discussions in the morning. I think it is difficult to explain that each individual will have different experiences and focuses during the three year course. The old saying ‘the more you put in to the course the more you get out’.

We were asked to explain how we felt about the MEd in poem, song dance or drawing. I instantly recognised the four learning styles. Our group started with a dance and then finished with a diagram of eyes.

Watching the other groups what was clear was that the groups had benefited from being set on the right track. This would not make the journey easier but, each member knew there was others in the same boat.

What I did find less helpful was that other members of my group were trying to get out of the Context and Culture sessions. I felt awkward especially as one of them had not participated in any of the sessions. No wonder they did not find the sessions helpful.

I already have provisional GTCS registration due to completing a similar Learning and Teaching Course at Trinity Laban. I know the pitfalls and hate observed lessons. I question most days why I want to complete the start of a course which is the same as a qualification I have already. The answer however is the same…I do it as I aim to redirect my career in the direction of dance and use my skills in teaching and Science to provide me with CPD pathway (I cant remember the new acronym for CPD-I will adjust later).

To this end I felt I had to email Jamie/Jill. Not to moan about what I was doing but to set out that some of us are here for the opportunity. Even although you are doing a job already training is needed to provide the qualification for that job and/or support CPD.







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