DAY 2 of the weekend offered a significant challenge for me.

I had to prepare a powerpoint overnight and for the first time in over a year I had been invited out by my Yoga friends.

As could be predicted…I left early and did the powerpoint.

Day 2 allowed us to learn what the rest of the group were doing in relation to their proposal and also to support their learning and teaching.

I think everyone in the room felt for the teacher who talked about short film preparation to support children who had difficult home situations. We gasped about the situations the girls were in and also the lack of promised opportunity they must have felt when their work was not screened or praised.

I enjoyed the presentation on making music with lyrics delivered by Keith. I think this showed opportunities for music production to support students in school but also understood the benefit to Keith himself.

Scott explained the difficulties he had experienced devising an aim and perusing direction in his project to investigate how singing benefited lifeskills and morral.

Whilst some projects were clearly well planned others lacked direction to the individual. I felt these projects held promise and that the bits would come together in a positive way eventually even more successfully than well laid plans.

I got a clap at the end of my presentation. The confidence boots was great and the fact that others were interested enough to ask what my programme was was good.

My ppt summarised what I had learnt at the Context and Culture Sessions, outlined how this fitted into my project and what my blog CPD showed.

My ppt will appear here……claire-mccartney-context-and-culture

Most were positive, but one stated I had not discussed the correct thing and annoyingly cut me off three times during discussions. Everyone entitled to their opinion-I will listen to all feedback and act accordingly. 😛

I felt it was useful learning what the other dancers thought about the Dance Learning and Teaching contexts and Culture. Kerry seemed to enjoy the sessions and saw merits to benefit her practice. She discussed as Laura had stated, that there is little to no provision for ASN in the Dance curriculum and that the SQA may need to review their Dance package to make it inclusive. It was interesting that one of the Dance members who were part of Higher practice felt the opposite and I agree on rereading the CfE dance sylibus that each individual does not need to complete each section of the KAS but are assessed at their level on what was stated. I need to identify the differences between the old and the CfE Higher Dance.

The day ended with all present creating a mindmap of where they should be at the end of this year. Observations are clearly something I would like to remove!!!

My map shows what I aim to achieve in relations to the course content. 


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