Post 220: E-DANCE

Setting the scene…. At home surfing the net. I’m looking for a dance class for adults (aka me). My classes on a Thursday are changing to beginners!! So I need new ones.

I have done a look round dance house, dance hq and dance Glasgow.

Conclusion being that my four/three classes at dance Glasgow are still the best. Frustrated I consult Facebook. There I notice the following advert.

It is world ballet day!! I am going to complete the online ballet lesson and I am going to ask my dance students to participate too.

Ballet is my nemasis because if I don’t practice turnout, I turn in!! Well more of a feet in parallel but it means I look like I’ve not danced before. Most people naturally have a turn out better than my statistics of a turnout of 35degrees and turn in of 65degrees. Turn in and out angles should be equal so I can work on this to make turn in and out equal. This makes me a super technical dancer lol. Thus I strive on a Monday and Thursday and now for this online class to correct my alignment.

I think my continued strive for correction makes me a better teacher as I know all the dodges and most of the recommended ideas to provide turnout. Or at least I will have tried all those ideas.

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