Progression through the levels

Level 1: Primary 1-2 (Which the dance leaders teach)
The Magic Carpet Ride Stimulus:

Read: Story of Aladdin

Aladdin Accompaniment: music Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield Movement experience:


• moving and stopping

• travelling high and low

• working individually

• making and performing a dance with a beginning and an end

• listen and respond to the music

• sit and observe movement
Level 2 (Primary 3-4)
THEME: Spring Cleaning

Stimulus: Story from Wind in the Willows


Mole spring cleaning his little home

MUSIC: Whistle while you work. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


• whole body working actions

• big and small, fast and slow

• repeat and remember

• working individually

• listen and respond to the music

• observe and describe simple solo movement ideas using appropriate movement language
Level 3 (Primary 5-6)
Theme Rainforest

Stimulus: Life in the Forest.

Book to link with literacy: The Jungle Adventures of Alex Winters – Puffin ISBN 0-14-056249

Accompaniment: Tarsen Boy

Movement experiences:

• travelling on different body parts, walk, hop, creep, roll and slide

• over, under, around and through the space

• working with a partner follow my leader

• create, select and remember movement ideas
Level 3+ (Primary 7)
Theme: Olympic dance

Stimulus: Action photographs from newspaper

Accompaniment: music, introduction to olympics on TV Movements experiences:

• whole body actions, throwing, bowling, catching, batting, diving, running, howzat

• change size, speed and levels • with a partner, action and reaction, linking actions together e.g.  jump, dive, hit, turn, fly?

• compose a dance with a clear beginning, middle, end, remember and repeat
Level 4 (First Year)
Theme: River Speaks

Stimulus: Action words form source to estuary

Music: The Piano (Music department not me!!)

Key: Orinoco Flow, Zigzag

Movement experiences:

• respond to action words, meander, turn and roll, changing levels and speed

• use words to describe the movement of springs, streams, waterfalls, rapids, weirs, whirlpools, locks, dams etc

• develop a movement pattern individually and in twos

• in small groups choose movements to trace the path of the river
‘I meander I am shallow and meek I am treacherous and deep I am a trickle I roar and erupt I spread I carry waterfalls I am vigorous’
• all move at the same time, one after the other, changing group shape and floor patterns

Level 4 (Second Year)
Theme: Sitting Around.

Stimulus: a chair


Beyoncé accused of ‘stealing’ dance moves in new video

Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker claims Beyoncé borrowed her routines in the video for new single Countdown

Accompaniment: Beyoncé

• individually sit on, stand on, hide under, go around, balance on, lean against a chair etc

• make up a phrase choosing four or five different ideas and link them together • invent, select, practice and perfect movement motif

• discus places where we find seats/ chairs and the use of

• in threes share ideas and make up a dance rearranging the chairs in lines, side by side one in front of the other removing one etc

Discuss the get them interested…lol


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