Giraffes – I have mainly focussed on this analogy because of the giraffe focus by the course leader. 

His analogy was that all giraffes are different and that each one has its own brilliance. At the time we were focussing on building giraffes from plaster ine but I understood his point. 

So forward to the primary visit and I have to design a dance lesson to encourage them into secondary school and for a one off lesson…we are giraffes and we are all individual!! 

And believe me we were defiantly individual.. I could not take photos of the lesson as I had no permission but use your imagination and times by 100 and you are nearly there!!

My lesson plan follows: and we had a spare two mins at the end to make a giraffe!!

Lesson plan: giraffes can’t dance

Stimulus: giraffes!

Music: various from madagasca the movie

The students embodies the theme. They enjoyed the jungle warm up and linked the exercises to the animal.

They also were very concerned that the other animals did not like the giraffes dancing! 
Their movements followed the story guidelines. And they were successfully able to use movements to create in a group their own giraffe extravaganza! Some were funny and others very theatrical. The lesson worked as a brilliant one off. All levels participated and added their own creativity.

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