2 thoughts on “258: ETHICS FORM

  1. jmorganltpa says:

    This is a very clearly laid out application Claire. Well done. Unfortunately you have used an old version of the form – please go to Moodle and download the current form under the PG Learning and Teaching section. It will be mainly a cut and paste job. Once completed please email it to me for signing.


    1. C McCartney RCS MEd says:

      Hi Jill,

      I have had the flu so if Ive went a bit off radar thats why!

      I got the ethics form from the one we were told to go to during the online session 1.

      I am behind schedule all over the place so will sort ASAP. Probably over the weekend as I have more time.

      I have done lunchtime today and plan to finish a research group for the project tomorrow. Then some data analysis to see if it is working!!!!


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