264: Measurements 1


Who do you think enjoyed this class the most?



Although all 3 said they enjoyed. The boy was the most enthusiastic stating ‘this is much better than PE’.

I was pleasantly surprised by this. He was the most sceptical filling out the pre-practical questionnaire. He was the only boy in the group and by his own admission was more science than fitness.

So what changed?

That one I am less clear of. There are several possibilities.

  • Despite the picture showing the first girl reaching further all 3 were praised for their efforts and no comparison was made in the class.
  • The class was conducted in a fun way and we even had the Christmas tunes on whilst we were warming up.
  • The boy noticed the biggest difference in his performance after the dynamic stretches. For my research capturing the eureka moment when he saw the difference in his jumps would have been amaising.
  • He was also given a purpose for his stretching rather than playing sports or interpreting the mood of the music.


What is clear?

Dance-Science provides an access route for boys into dance. Where the emphasis is on stamina, strength and flexibility.

Boys enjoy physical movement and problem solving and dance-science provides both.

Students less clear on science research were engaged in the activities and benefited from them due to group working, fitness and research skills.

What did I get from this class?

  • My research methodologies could be completed efficiently and effectively in 2 hours.
  • The analysis may be an additional hour.
  • I can only film a maximum of 4 at a time.
  • Some pilot data to analyse.
  • PE kit is now essential in Science!
  • Actually, I quite enjoyed class today too!



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