262: Head teacher/Science manager interview


Science manager- Male interview

  1. Explain how you think ‘The Curriculum for Excellence’ has benefitted learners.

CFE has provided opportunities for young people to develop not just knowledge but also skills which should enable to achieve greater success in a future which is changing every day. We need to get this right and continual improvement must be sustainable.

  1. Discuss any challenges ‘The Curriculum for Excellence’ has created for teachers and learners.

The underlying philosophy of CFE has not presented any great challenges. However, the implementation has been challenging – a lack of clarity with regard to expected outcomes, the difficulties with SQA examinations and the subsequent redirection of the entire process has created significant challenges to the profession. This in turn challenges students and pupils.

  1. Describe the benefits to participants of the teaching styles used in science

Teaching and learning in the modern classroom has so many recognised facets that it is surely impossible not to wish to be innovative and experimental in your approach as a teacher. It has long been recognised that not all young people learn in the same way, and that not all students in a class receive the information that is given to them in the same way. A simple understanding of the psychological concept of learning styles using the Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic models would rapidly inform any teacher of the need to use a variety of teaching and learning approaches when building a scheme of work and the lessons to go into it. I have yet to meet any teachers who have even asserted a belief in the use of a single learning style for their classroom. I believe teachers would emphasise the need to encourage active learning with kinesthetic activities as well as literacy and  independent learners as they will be able to direct their own learning

  1. Describe ways in which your programme supports inclusion of males.

Male attainment is a national priority. In schools, we have a duty to maintain gender equality, everyone receives the same material. No course will state that males and females are treated differently even if there are aspects of delivery for example where males need kinaesthetic challenge and females enjoy literacy skills.

5.Outline the steps in which the science programme improves attainment

Effective leadership which has a clear focus on improving learning. This must agree with structures and processes in school. I feel CLPL enthuses teachers and I place importance on staff skills and professional development. My department are revising S1, S3 courses to make learning challenging. Ensuring effective relationships for teaching and learning and building partnerships around the school.

  1. Describe collaborations which have improved your programme.


  1. Explain if developing scientific research through a kinaesthetic programme ‘dance-based research’ would support attainment in your course.

I would need evidence to fit it within the current curriculum.

  1. 8. In your opinion, what are the best strategies to inspire all learners.

Learners need to feel engaged and valued. Courses need to be relevant and have a context which young people can related to. The key to any success if the quality of relationships in the classroom.

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