Dance programme coordinator questionnaire


  1. Describe the content in your dance programme and how this progresses dancers.


I run a national project called “Y-Dance Active” which is part of the sportscotland initiative “Active Girls”. The Y-Dance Active element of the initiative focuses on engaging teenage girls in dance activity and offering the opportunity for them to participate in an Award in Dance Leadership course (accredited by Sports Leaders UK) at levels SCQF 4 and QCF 2. This qualifies the young Dance Leaders to assist in the delivery of dance activities under direct supervision. The course consists of daily technique classes in various dance styles (Contemporary, Jazz, Street dance, African, Bollywood, Jump style, Lindy Hop to name a few)  as well as warm-up ideas, movement games, choreographic tasks and a look into Laban Analysis and the components of dance.



  1. Outline specific requirements of the warm up completed by participants in your programme


We use a technique called the “Dance-Fit” warm up. It’s specifically designed to raise the heart-rate above its resting rate, increase blood flow around the body, engage and develop muscle-memory and engage the focus of the participants.



  1. Describe the benefits to participants of the teaching styles used in your programme.


The team of tutors are highly trained in various dance techniques and are extremely inspirational for teenage girls. The course of work is delivered using a variety of teaching styles such as practical dance sessions, group discussions, theory-based work completed in workbooks, one-on-one tutor to participant feedback and action planning sessions as well as using peer-feedback and self-assessment throughout. This all contributes to the personal development of each individual participant, specifically to their confidence levels, fitness levels and technical abilities.



  1. Explain whether measuring aspects of movement would benefit programme participants.


*I’m unsure of what you’re referring to in this question.



  1. Describe ways in which your programme supports inclusion of males.


The Y-Dance Active project is specifically funded to reach teenage girls and so we do not have a remit to work with males I’m afraid.



  1. Outline the ways your dance programme supports lifelong learning.


The leadership course develops transferrable skills such as: Communication, team-building, problem solving, self-reflection, peer-assessment, critical thinking, research skills etc. Several of our successful dance leaders have sited the skills that they have gained on the leadership course to future successes at Secondary School, College and University as well as Employment.

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