4: School info sheet


In schools there is an ongoing discussion about setting students into levels. 

As the leaflet sets out..placing students in levels of ability can have positive effects on each attainment set. It also allows students in different year groups to be placed in an ability set rather than a year group set. Therefore everyone in a given set is working at their ability level and progressing at a rate matched to them as individuals. They could be too set in one context but bottom set in another. This is what has always been done in dance. 

The problem with setting levels is that students quickly know they are the bottom set and try less or become dispondant. In this case there is an argue meant for mixed ability sets. Where more able students may encourage less able and individuals are not singled out based on ability. 

The school I am in are opting for the ability levels approach. Already the students have stated “i will need to work. I don’t want to be in with fourth years”.

Let’s see how it goes…

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