4: Flexibility

Dancers, particularly male dancers that I talk to want to be more flexible.

This has been shown in my Survey Monkey Questionnaires as well as in my discussions with dancers.

I notice that some individuals are hyperflexible. This has issues for proprioception. Others have issues with reduced mobility, especially as they age.

Most I discussed with would appreciate assistance on unlocking certain areas of their body for more freedom of movement.

My research investigates mobility but the human body is complex and the restrictions to mobility can be many and varied. This makes variables in my study difficult to control but, if I can assess and work on the real restriction to mobility, dramatic differences in range of motion could be achieved right from the warm up.

One area my research has not considered is the Sub-occipital release technique. It has shown amazing  and immediate transformation to the flexibility of both young and old. I have seen it at Laban and also in my recent yoga class.

This suggests that in addition to the warm up, students need the correct type of relaxation and care.

So, I have tried it out with a class of 20. Demonstrating first and then guiding technique as we working in pars at the end of class and then swapping. The results were clear, with all students 90 degrees and beyond. I think this technique should be part of a dancers practice.




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