274: Interview male dancer-2 age-13

Student 4: Lucus (Age 13 years)


  1. Identify dance qualities you would like to improve and areas of your training which might support these.

Flexibility, positioning, posture, control and acro.


  1. Explain how you warm up before class.



  1. Identify which teaching styles benefits you most during warm ups.

Participant-led. I like to do my movements to music with the right mood. I chose the music.


  1. Describe how your teacher adapts dance lessons to benefit males.

I get freedom to do what I want. So, I do what I want! The teacher helps give hard routines. I get exercises to build strength.


  1. Outline the ways dance supports your attainment and inclusion.

Dance helps my PE. It helps my movement and muscle tone. Dance does not help my other subjects. I am brilliant at dance, I am not interested in the other subjects.


  1. Describe in what ways collaborations have improved your dance programme.

I do singing, acting and dancing. I work alone but the three go together. I have the triple threat.


  1. Suggest if ‘dance-based research’ (measuring aspects of movement) could benefit your dancing.

Measurement yes. It would show what I could do and how I have improved. That would be ok!


  1. In your opinion, what are the best strategies to inspire all learners.

Praise and extra practice. Can we dance now?

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