3/4: Ruth Mills 4 day intensive

What made Ruth such a great dance teacher?

Answers from people in her class:

  1. She strips back the egos so that it is just you.
  2. She is patient and adapts things for each individual.
  3. She teaches contemporary technique in a way that all levels get something in the same class.
  4. How long have you known her? That’s about right, she will have you sorted. Your on track!
  5. The atmosphere as you come into class is friendly and welcoming, because Ruth made it that way.

DAY 1:

I am going through as much as I can remember from each class. This might not be loads as I have left a few days since the classes. This may not be a discussion of the exercises but the way exercises progress through the 4 days. Contrasts between technique classes and creative classes. This is more useful for me as a teacher.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:


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