3: Post jazz

At my jazz class tonight. Feeling nostalgic. We were doing some traditional travelling.

Good points about class: teacher is enthusiastic and gives corrections.

Bad points about class:    we are off next week.





Shoulders back elbows back

Reaches up plus pad feet

Reaches side in second

Side stretch to table top over leg floor roll up

Body circle repeat on left

Side lunge right arm up

Hip flexor stretch

Lunge plus elbows on floor

Side lunge

Repeat on left

Sit on floor abs roll up and down x2

Seven kicks and hold last

Repeat in other side

The travelling stuff reminded me on higher dance.

1. Plies and tendues

Two tendues, two glisse, two slow kicks, two fast kicks, develope through hold leg slow lower to floor.

Repeat in parallel, first and second both sides.



Chase ball change to side sparkle

Repeat to other side

Repeat with hands over eyes and arms opening to second.


Triplet with arms moving in sun to side pa de bourie, pirouette prep and turn


Circular Spring step ball change

Step kick

lunge and same hand as foot reaches to front

Pivot to back

Step ball change step leap x2 to back where started.


Step ball change step kick x2

Step kick step kick

Step ball change step kick


Check me out hiding at the back!!! Girl in red is out of time!


Breathed Releases

Body circle stretch



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