285: SurveyMonkey

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Survey monkey is a mechanism to prepare, send and analyse questionnaires. I prepared my student questionnaires on survey Monkey.

I selected the options to have multiple choice and slider rating questions. This gave me 8 questions linked to the interviews that were completed with adults and students.

I also included two qualitative questions…these were designed to get students to comment on where they think boys are treated differently to girls in dance or other subjects by the teacher and to comment on the link between dance and science were they complimentary and if so how might the merger assist them.

I got the kids on the computers and set up the questionaires ready for them to complete. It takes at least 15 minutes to get them logged in so this saved loads of time. They quite enjoyed the activity. I was of the opinion they should not talk and that I should not assist. However, reading the question to them and in some cases paraphrasing it actually enabled them to access the question more effectively. I should miby just have asked the questions and got them to write an answer. Anyway they liked being on the iPads so miby it was a good choice.

I found with analysis that I would use prism. This kept the graphs the same. So was survey monkey worth it….mmmm it was ok.


soooo now my survey



<a href=”https://smaudience.surveymonkey.com/rs/060-BRB-437/images/5-survey-writing-mistakes-eguide.pdf?utm_source=email&utm_medium=sm_crm_mktg_pa&utm_content=survey.96280&utm_term=onboarding2b_CTA&utm_campaign=RE_NL&date=2017-02-33&CID=95041730&cvosrc=email.responsys.SM_CRM_MKTG_PA.&cvo_cid=survey.96280&onboarding2b_CTA”>https://smaudience.surveymonkey.com/rs/060-BRB-437/images/5-survey-writing-mistakes-eguide.pdf?utm_source=email&utm_medium=sm_crm_mktg_pa&utm_content=survey.96280&utm_term=onboarding2b_CTA&utm_campaign=RE_NL&date=2017-02-33&CID=95041730&cvosrc=email.responsys.SM_CRM_MKTG_PA.&cvo_cid=survey.96280&onboarding2b_CTA</a&gt;

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