I have a new boys only class starting this week. I have freedom to organise as I please so want to get it right.

I know that boys like competition, they like hurtling over each other and like praise and challenge.

I plan a starter to get them moving in the space. I thought a warm up which is like army camp but fun might suit their initial energy level. I’m thinking some metafit inspired movements but not in a prolonged way. I know that kids have lots of energy but it does away quickly and comes back quickly too.

I don’t want to move into roll downs and plies first. So some technical movements on the spot that build technique and strength. I know boys are generally slower to take up choreography so I will focus on the movement. 

I want to move the boys through the space. I know they can get hyper so the army man will be rocketed into space to do some slow moon walks across the room. I plan to focus on balance then advance this to add a roll on the floor and a jump. I will follow this with fast pace running. To develop speed, the boys will scream out. I will ask them to hop into the air and jump turn to take advantage of the speed. I will use two techniques to encourage to propell the boys into the jump. 1. Push against partner with hands. 2. Push from wall with feet in seated position. After trying the jumps again I will introduce a mini sequence bounce bounce leap bounce explode and land. I will use imagery of an exploding bomb. 

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