Dance science does exist

Dance science is a fast growing area of research and study. It is the thing which joins the two main interests I have. Dance science considers the qualitative and quantitative aspects of dance training and performance. The aim is to combine science subjects into the practice of dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.

From the clip it is clear the relations of dance to physics and the links to biology and physiological measurement are obvious.

However, for dance science to take hold there is a need to recognise the dancer as an athlete with a need to improve in potential to impress the audience but also to manage themselves to minimise injury.

Dance science covers a number of areas and although it focuses on dancers it impacts on the health and well being of the population.

  • optimise the dancer’s potential as an elite performer through areas such as physiology, psychology, nutrition, and biomechanics; and
  • examine the impact of dance on areas of health and well-being among other populations.


All I need to do is get a way to be involved…miby a learning and teaching masters would help.

2 thoughts on “Dance science does exist

  1. jmorganltpa says:

    Claire. I have enjoyed reading through your recent blogs. I’ve sent some emails to you regarding your DDTAL and GTCS ‘certification’ in dance. Would appreciate a response asap so that we can review the situation. Thanks.


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