One thought on “378: Self-evaluation-2

  1. jmorganltpa says:

    Claire. I’ve looked through your self-assessment and you have clearly evidenced a huge amount of work. Well done. In order to tidy this up and make it more user friendly for detailed examination, both for myself and the external examiner, please will you do the following:
    1. rather than listing a vast quantity of numbered blogs write a few sentences on how you fulfil the criteria and then provide a direct link to a handful of entries (up to six) which best represent your comment. Do this for each assessment point.
    2. the links should just require one click to open (it is too time consuming to scroll through all of your blogs to find the blog numbers)
    3. all of the sections require a few sentences, this applies to Gaps and Advice.
    4. the Overall Comments section needs to be filled in. One paragraph is sufficient.
    5. Avoid colloquialisms e.g.’check stuff in red……’

    I look forward to reading the final version at the end of August. If you need any more input please get in touch. I will be in the office for the next two weeks before my annual leave.

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