Dance is an enjoyable art-form where human movement communicates feelings to music. I believe that through dance teaching I can facilitate an inclusive and differentiated approach which will provide learners of all backgrounds and cultures with the opportunity to express emotions through movement and develop technical skills to perform artistically.

My dance sessions provide young learners not only access to technique which will safely develop strength and flexibility but also life-long skills which promotes confidence, team-work, and a healthy lifestyle. Together these build the desirable qualities of successful learners in dance as they foster understanding of how to progress and appreciate dance.

I enthuse learners in an inspiring environment with a range of activities which meet learning styles and abilities. I nurture problem-solving strategies during partnership or group work and critical skills by evaluating qualities in personal physical performance and choreography and observing that of others.

I aim to make dance accessible to all and instil in learners lifelong enthusiasm for dance through comprehensive education which creates a desire to explore the art-form further.


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