POST 198: Dance for all

I felt that this handout on inclusion was particularly relevant as school returns. All children experience barriers to learning and just because some are more obvious it does not mean that everyone needs s little assistance. My school has a focus on the disabled child and I taught the XL dance group to this end. I feel the steps outlined are appropriate and direct my planning.

Within the school setting I achieve the first by reviewing my class lists and the additional support folder with previous teachers notes. I plan my dance lessons with this in mind. This is not as easy to achieve in the community setting and is why new classes benifit from enrolment.

I plan my lessons for age and stage and individuals.

My lesson plans follow the following steps:

On my lesson plan for the Rcs peer reviewed dance this approach is clear.

I feel in addition that specific tasks, development, assistance and outcomes my be needed for the individual.

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